18 Things I Learned From My 1st Year At Mead Johnson

Today marks my 1st anniversary of working in Mead Johnson!

I know the exact date not only because it’s written on my ID and on other records, but actually because April 25, 2016 was also the same day Game of Thrones season 6 premiered in PH timezone (and we all know how great season 6 turned out), and of course, it was the 76th birthday of my favorite actor, the one and only, Al Pacino. HAHA! 😂

So to cap off the anniversary, here are 18 things I learned in a span of a year: (this may not be everything, though).

1. There are people out there who may not know you to the depths of your soul, but will take a leap of faith on you.

I learned this the minute the manager who first interviewed me pointed to my resume and said, “Hindi kami tumatanggap ng hindi at least 2 years ang sales experience… so this is an exception to the rule.”

I got through that first step and the rest was history.

But the thing is, when you do get through something like that, sometimes you’re too stunned to believe that someone actually thinks you’re worth the shot. So you get this next realization:

2. The people who do bank on you are the people you never want to let down.

It was in MJ that I learned how great it feels to have people back you up, when all the while you thought that it was enough to believe in yourself. It probably might have been enough, but there’s something more motivating and driving when other people believe in you too. You strive more and always want to become a better version of yourself because these are the people who inspire you to take the stakes higher; that you’re definitely worth the leap of faith.

Remember that not everyone will see the fire in your eyes. But the ones who do, are the people who drive you to set up your firework show and shine.

*Shout out and special thanks to my bosses for all the support! ❤️ 🙂

3. Every terrifying thing in life is worth overcoming.

I’ve mentioned this in one of my blog posts before. I was terrified to get into sales as soon as I started sending out resumes. I learned from my Salesmanship class in college that sales was my weak point. It was in MJ that I overcame that fear of doing something I wasn’t good at. It’s one of the best feelings in the world because then you’re more fearless to step out of your comfort zone. Sure you get scathed by life, but again, as I’ve mentioned previously, at least you live to tell the tale that it is worth overcoming. 🙂

4. Sometimes you have to go through hurdles first before you can even realize how much you love your job.

Life is not all butterflies and rainbows. I’ve faced challenges and a lot of pressure along the way, but the way to handle it is simply by how you react to it. I always make it a point to find the silver lining in every dark-clouded situation. And that’s how I realized that the horrible things that happen to us, or when things don’t go as planned, are often blessings in disguises.

It’s funny how you have to surpass the storm first before you get to see the light of why you keep going, and why you’re doing what you do. It’s funny how you’re so stressed about something and then at that same moment, you suddenly smile and think to yourself, ‘I love my job’. That’s passion. And that is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. 🙂

5. You’ve got to be there for the customer, to the highest standards of service and hospitality.

The customer appreciates even the littlest of things. The most important thing is to take care of them as if they were a hotel guest. I won’t expound so much on this anymore, but can I just thank one of my favorite movies, The Grand Budapest Hotel, for being my constant reminder of what service is all about. 🙂

6. You will literally get scathed in the [battle] field.

Just last February, I tripped in the basement parking area of one of my covered hospitals and thank God nobody saw it (or at least I think nobody saw it). My knees fell flat on the floor and it created damage to my right knee. It only bled when I went to one of my doctors’ clinics and I’m so grateful to have people like her who patched it up with ointment/dressing and a bandage.

Also, just yesterday my pinky got cut by a knife. Okay, maybe I’m clumsy, but really, it’s part of the life in the [battle]field. I’m not even complaining. This is all part of one great experience. C’est la vie! 😉

7. I learned that my optimism is magic.

Only because it creates a domino effect to my actions. There would be no impact if all I had were my optimistic thoughts and I didn’t do anything about it. The magic happens when the mind, body, and spirit are working together.

8. I learned how to jump-start a car. (Yes I am including this in the list because why not)

It was another “first” and it’s all special thanks to my boss. ❤️

9. This is the best place a young millennial could be to get wisdom.

I never really experienced working with people in my age group ever since I started working. It’s not something to complain about, but rather, it’s something I’m really grateful for because of the stories I hear and all the wisdom I get from it. It may be a totally different kind of dynamic as compared to the ones my batch mates from school have right now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

10. You can learn to turn your weakness into your strength.

Tried and tested, you CAN.


11. It will take time.

Definitely, it can’t be rushed. There may even be times when you will be convinced that something is not really right for you, but maybe you’re turning your back on it too soon. Though to keep going, you have to really want to learn how to be good at it. You have to want it badly enough.

12. Life finds a way.

Okay now I’m just taking a line from Jurassic Park.

Kidding aside, this is true. But usually though, you’re unconscious that you’re actually the one finding a way. And when you don’t find it, your instincts tell you to make a way. The only reason why sometimes we don’t seem to find it and give up looking for it is because we complain. So the key here is to refrain from complaining.

13. Some choices should not always come from the heart.

Which means that we cannot escape from tough decisions that need sacrifices. It’s easy to choose something because your heart tells you it’s what you want. But when it comes to what you really need, sometimes only your mind can rationalize what’s really right for you. With that, there’s no other way to it but to sacrifice some things. And…

14. Sacrifices take maturity.

Why? Because only when you are mature enough will you be able to let go of what you want and choose what’s best for you. That’s how life works; sometimes what you really want is not the right thing for you at a certain time. There will come a day when you will have to forego it and stick to what your head is logically explaining to you.

And the reason why you sacrifice is usually because of the..

15. “Kailangan eh.” mentality

We can’t always get what we want. When life throws you lemons, sometimes you just have to take ’em and make something great out of it. But it only depends on you. “Kailangan eh” is such a beautiful sentence, in all honesty. It conveys surrender and willingness to do something with a kind of urgency with no-questions asked; you don’t have to reason out, you just do it because you have to. But even if it seems like you have no choice, you actually do: choose what you want to make out of your circumstances. And once you get through that, you’re on the right track. Because it really just boils down to this: it’s for your own good.

16. There is no such thing as charm. Just skill.

There is no such thing as using your appearance to get what you want. There is only skill in effectively using your assets.

17. I found a family in MJ

These pictures will show you how these people make me happy I found a family in them. No explanations needed. ❤️

18. I learned to love a job I wasn’t even good at in the first place.

Ladies and gentlemen, I might have already said this a million times before, but I will say it again and again.

I’ve had a lot of achievements since I started my career (modesty aside). Such as, getting a job before even graduating and without a diploma yet, at 19 years old; having built good relationships with different kinds of people; reaching certain quotas with the support of my mentors/bosses; or the fulfillment of being part of this prestigious multinational company.

But those things have nothing compared to my greatest achievement, yet: I learned to love a job I wasn’t even good at in the first place. I might have started out this race as last place, but I am eternally grateful that Mead Johnson brought me to that finish line. ❤️

I know I still have a lot more to learn and it does not end here (after all, I’m only 21 😀). That makes me excited as to what Becky will do next. 🙂


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