Dear Taylor, They Have No Idea

Dear Taylor,

Here we go again. Because you have broken up with someone yet again and replaced him all too quickly, again, people are going crazy over your dating attitude. Again.

I’m not one of your avid fans-slash-Swifties, but that’s probably the strength of my letter to you. It eradicates bias, and that would hopefully make people see this other side that no one has probably seen before.

Taylor, yesterday you broke the hearts of a million fangirls and awoken the dragons of double-standard bashing that you’re too flirty or–excuse my french–a slut. And of course, no one’s bashing Tom Hiddleston.

All this buzz spread like wildfire in the Internet, and that’s why people fail to see or even try to understand what’s really happening. People, in general, are quick to react (and violently because of impulse, more often than not), and that’s the problem.

These people react and judge faster than you can say sabotage.

But wait. They don’t see the lucky side of you that you actually have this long list of ex-lovers.

Let me expound: You have a long list of ex-lovers who adored you, fell in love with you, and took a leap of faith when they decided to date you, because they believed you were worth it, despite media projections that they’ll be in big trouble when you break up. And that says a lot about the kind of love you received. Before anyone can say you’re a slut, you can always retort them with this:

“I fell in love with all these men who loved me back because they believed I was worth the risk to love. What did you ever do?”

People say that you only get your career success because of your failed relationships. And from the looks of your recent achievements, there’s no stopping your train of career success.

But you know what I see that they don’t?

The reason why you have this exploding success in your career is not because of your failed relationships,

but because of the pain you had to go through.

I know this because I’ve lived through the same experience, despite being only 20 and you’re 25. In my case, it’s not about my love life…but I digress.

People don’t understand that one cannot simply get into a train of success without being scathed by life. So scathed, the pain was probably excruciating.

Let’s reiterate that you have a long list of ex-lovers. People will say you’re a slut. They won’t think that you’ve been hurt too many times. Sad as it is that the odds aren’t in your favor, but that’s how life works. And I know that you know this for a long time now.

I have good news for you, though.

While people are too busy throwing bricks at you, they don’t know your little secret.

They don’t know that you stopped caring about what they think or what they’re saying, a LOOOOOOOONG time ago.

That’s your edge, Taylor. They don’t know how strong you’ve become. They don’t know that with every brick they throw at you, calling you a slut or a whore, they’re actually contributing to your strength (aka your “castle” in New Romantics). They don’t even realize that the effort they put into expressing their hate is FUTILE. That’s actually frustrating for them. And the best part is they have no idea.

So there you are looking like a meek victim of life’s horrors in every paparazzi photo everyone sees and you’re the only one who knows how much of a fighter you are. And that to me is beautiful. I bet it’s one of the things you’ve learned to love about yourself.

And people say you should be single to focus on yourself first. I say nah.

Although that concept applies to myself, it’s not for everyone. There are a ton of ways to find yourself in this universe, and I believe you already have, with everything you’ve been through.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not even a super fan of yours, but I’m probably one of the few people who see that you’ve been through so much pain, not only because of your heartbreaks, but also because of the pain the critics brought on you–life in general, if I may say.

But look at how far you’ve gone. That’s the pay-off for putting up a good fight. And now that another issue has arose and people are throwing more bricks at you, you have my bet that you’re going to go farther than you’ve ever gone before.

The world better watch you, Taylor Swift. You’re about to explode bigger than you have ever before. And your haters will never see you coming.


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